The Circus Studios

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Price List

Video Tour

1-10 Rooms 35,000

1000-2000 ft


-Walk Through

10-20 Rooms 50,000

2000-3000 ft


-Original Music

-Walk Through

-Drone Shots

20-30 or More 35,000

3000-4000 ft


-Walk Through

-Drone Shots


-Time Lapse Footage

-Action Shots


10 Photos 5,000

20 Photos 9,500

30 Photos 19,000 5-10

*All Digital (Physical Copies Extra)


Graphics: Flyers,  Post cards Etc.

Web Design.


(US) +1 732 788 9000

(PH) +63 908 944 9907


The Circus Studios is a company that specializes in media (Music, Videos, Pictures, Graphics.. etc.). Our goal is to have the best results for our clientele so that they can be satisfied with our quality of work and services. Starting out in New York City, we made our way to Boracay, Philippines where inspiration emerged from the mystical location of rustic beaches and hidden secrets. Since then, we have traveled to Romania, Hungary, Italy, India, Malaysia,  Every place has their own special beauty.


A picture is worth a thousand words